ZOMG Smells Sept 2012
Sweetness and amiration slathered Science! What could be better?! ZOMG Smell's Septemer update is live and includes...

A robust woody smell, with clean lemon topnotes and a heart of green fir and cedar. There's a warm base of myrrh and hoppy brown ale. 
Sugar, lemon and orange rind, orange flower water, spikenard and patchouli.
Heliotrope, white musk, and dainty touches of honey, lavender and vanilla.
White chocolate, white peppermint, and white musk.
Cinnamon-and-nutmeg poached pear, sweet dark myrrh, and warm Egyptian musk.
Tangerine, pine, jasmine, star anise, patchouli, and black tea leaves.
Gentlemanly violet and sandalwood, sugared together with a touch of vanilla cream and sweet white musk.
Anise, fennel, clove, vetiver and wormwood.

You can find the decant circle ~>HERE<~ Other open orders include...

Steam Bath Factory Decant Circle
BPAL Weenies Circle
Villainess September Group order
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Current Leftovers

I will combine orders to your heart's content! All shipping is figured by weight. Internationals always welcome!


July Update!

We're still partying about the Higgs boson and couldn't help capitalizing on one researcher's magnificent turn of phrase: the result is July's Seventh scent Smoking Duck. Thanks, Oliver Buchmueller! Smoking Duck will be around until July 30th.

Dr. Zomg has filled up her bag a little further with the addition of her huckstery Renovative Cherry Bitters, based on a now-extinct recipe for a cherry-brandy hangover swig and mixed to renovate your face right off, but in the nicest way.

You can find this month's decant circle ~>HERE<~

ZOMG Smells May Update/Decant Circle
The new update has been added to the circle ~>HERE<~ and includes...

JOYEUSE - Golden amber, frankincense, and myrrh (you see what we did there for a heavily Christian emperor) mingle with rosewater, a bright dab of church incense and conquered Italian lemons.
SWORD OF ATTILA - Sword-sharp amber, earthy patchouli, pimento, dark musk, vetiver, bitter wormwood, hoof-churned earth and a distant hint of burning wooden structures in your wake.
VORPAL - The most brillig of scents, seriously: dragon's blood, pekoe tea, and salt caramel.

(Internationals welcome!)

ZOMG Smells April Update/Decant Circle
Ren Tits 
APRIL 1st UPDATE: AVAST YE! No, wait. Wrong genre. HUZZAH! We be ringin' in April-- no, no. Ahem. Gentlebees and ladythings! Welcome to our most puissant April update! Try your luck at our games-- look, we don't have any games yet, ok? Just... just go read the descriptions for Modesty Cod and Ren Tits and the secret one and let me drink my ale. Shoo. 

Lady Stabbington-Hackworth
A sharp, clean amber with a smoky touch of resinous, copal, sticky-sweet myrrh and a pleasingly light new dragon's blood.

Honey, cinnamon, golden ginger, and basil.

Rhodomel classically contains rose flowers and rose hips, and so does ours--a heady but delicate mead with a blush of fine petals.

Sir Fightypants
Sharp, resinous copal, young amber, a dusky, aged amber, wormwood and cypress, with just a little hint of leather.

and more...

April's decant circle is ~>HERE<~ Internationals welcome!

ZOMG Smells March 2012 Update/Decant Circle
Standard time for Holly and Ariel to mix & pack your order:  10-15 business days
To keep an eye on us, visit ZOMG @ Facebook & zomgie_horde, our Livejournal community.
MARCH 7: The Dirty-Minded Update has landed. ;) It's spring and it's wet and it's muddy and we're thoroughly in touch with our inner 12-year-olds, so we made some dirty smells for you! Please enjoy Dirty AniseHardwood, and Softwood as much as we do.Bathtub Gin is also new, but will be sticking around forever.
Click here to visit the ZOMG SMELLS forums 

Decant circle can be found ~>HERE<~ 
(has been combined with this month's BPAL circle)

February 2012 Update
February 7 Update: We had a LOT of fun with this one. The theme for February's limited collection is Romance Shenanigans in the Animal Kingdom. We define the term "romance" kinda liberally there, but we're sure you'll be able to catch our drift. <3 (illustrations will be going up throughout the day. All art and scent descriptions are safe for work!)
The update this month over at ZOMG Smells is as educational and fun as ever! Who knew the Little Brown Bat (Dark chocolate, sticky amber, maple sap, gooey caramel, and three nuts-- almond, pecan and coconut) was such a perv?! We all know the Dik-dik (Classic iris and sandalwood, three vanillas, and a drop of honeyed ginger) is painfully cute, but head on over to the site to find out what makes this pint-sized antelope a real sweetheart. ♥

You can find the decant circle right ~>HERE<~

January 2012 Update
January 7 Update: The days are finally getting longer and ZOMG HQ is getting all maudlin about what this means for the astronomic bodies involved...January's limited-run scent isPerihelion! The doctor's bag has filled out a bit more: Dr. Zomg's Tincture of Caprice will be staying permanently. So will Heian-kyo, a trip back to the elegance of 9th century Kyoto. Enjoy!

The Decant Circle can be found ~>HERE<~

And leftovers from old circles can be found ~>HERE<~
<3 Angi

November 2011 Update
11/7 Update: Two new limited scents have arrived for November: Magnacephalopoda Aesthetica and WTF FTL Neutrino.
Also, we heard your delicious requests! TWENTY POPULAR LIMITED SCENTS have returned until the end of December. Enjoy! Fair warning: Sexy Giant Isopod is a sellout risk, because once one of its components is gone, there is no more. Anywhere. We've looked. If you want it, don't wait.
     Baby Unicorn Tabby Sexy Giant Ispood  Cider Drink Muttonchops! Queen Conch     
ALSO: We're keeping our costumes on until we're damn good and ready! The Secret Identity series will stay up until the end of November--we know it takes us a little longer to ship this time of year, so it seemed only fair to give our limiteds a little extra time too.  :)

As we have already decanted all of these smells, I will not be running a decant circle for them. However, I am offering a group order and decant the two brand new scents, instead. ^_^ You can find it ~>HERE<~

October 2011 Update
"10/7 Update: HOLY CRAP IT'S HALLOWEEN, TIME TO GET YOUR COSTUME ON We made a lovely crop of things you can wear to augment your costume....or AS your costume. Check 'em out! (we also brought back two favorites from last year, Sexy Vampire Squid and The Melancholy Re-Animation of Nikola Tesla.) Enjoy!"

And this month's decant circle can be found ~>HERE<~ Internationals welcome!

September 2011 Update
"9/7 Update: It's NOSTALGIA BOMB time! September's Limiteds are made of delicious memories of good fall times, as cooler weather and the time When the Cicadas Go Quiet approaches. Relive childhood excursions to the magical fairgrounds and their rigged damn games with us with Fair Day, You Will Never Win the Ring Game and Goldfish Rescue Squad, and let Punkin Chunkin, Cider Drink, Show Pony and Deep-Fried Whatever evoke memories of exploding pumpkins, spiced apple beverages, terrible fried foods and time spent in the 4-H barn cooing over well-groomed horses and charming baby livestock. If you want to try a squee set of all the limited-edition fair smells instead of settling on a few bottles, we can help you out there too: head on over to Nostalgia Bomb."
This update has been added to the decant circle ~>HERE<~


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